Saturday, July 3, 2010

What’s Wrong with Addiction

You have most likely heard that alcohol is a depressant right? Well, so is pornography and cyber sex. What do I mean? If you haven’t already experienced this then you will eventually if you are addicted to either porn or internet sex. There’s the excitement and then there are the low feelings of lack of self control that follow.

Fantasy breeds Addiction

All compulsive behaviour starts in the imagination.
One fact about addiction is that it diverts a person’s mind from reality. It presents life’s stresses to the person as unbearable and unmanageable and presents itself as a method of survival that allows mental escape from the pressures of life.
This fantasy creates excitement and anticipation which, in turn, often triggers an addiction episode.

God explained this scenario when He warned that “when people are drawn away by their fantasies mature, it matures to cause death”.

It, therefore, follows that the strong desire to engage in the addictive act and the emotional rewards one anticipates receiving from it becomes a preoccupation which is so difficult to resist by the addict. For instance, a sex addict will experience excitement and arousal by thinking about a sexual encounter or anticipating looking at obscene movies or pornography.

A drug addict can begin to feel the warmth and euphoria of intoxication by anticipating drug use. The confessional statements made by convicted murderers prove this assertion.

Addiction alters feelings

The experts say that one of the great means adopted by addiction in enslaving man is to create a state of well-being and pleasant excitement.
The Addict at this stage suffers from altered feelings which are seen as the medication of emotions. There is a temporal relief of pressure and the creation of happier feelings. This feeling is stronger than any other relationship or friend that the addict has which makes it very easy and pleasurable for the addict to return to same substance or behaviour to ease tension.

Mark in his porn challenges shared this with us.

“I have had some of these problems and want to share some observations. I hate the feeling of slavery to pornography. Porn does nothing to reflect the reality of good relationships. It is pure fantasy that uses the mostly male tendency to be aroused by the visual. That’s how we are made. The net has made it all so easy, too damned easy. We may go there to see beauty but it turns most times to ugliness very quickly. It drags you down, it treats people like meat. It only gives one very limited aspect of sexual life. Some of the things I’ve seen haunt me, frighten me, make me feel physically ill. I am a Christian, the best thing that has ever happened to me. Porn started for me at 14 and was totally innocent and beautiful. It is how I learned about myself, my orientations and needs. It was the loneliness of the solitary act that made me want to share the beauty with a woman. Do you know that they are often sex slaves forced to perform for masters who pay so little that these women find it impossible to reunite with their families? You see, they are often from poor countries and are offered good jobs only to be trapped. Sometimes their families and children are threatened if they speak out. I would say to any woman thinking about working in the industry – please think carefully, you are letting yourself down and all women with you.”

Baruch Okpulor, Author of The Irony of Love, Premarital and Extramarital Affairs
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